Since the most precious commodity in this world is peace, we must have in place such an International Organisation as will be able to ensure the efficient prevention of conflicts and wars.

My research indicates that the best instrument to achieve the above aim is the military, so my proposal is to create an International Organisation of Military Leaders that will guarantee world peace efficiently. lt is much more intelligent to employ the military with this objective in mind, than to let them kill one another. This means serving creative, rather than destructive, forces, saving money and lives, and helping avert disaster. With time, we can eliminate the atomic bomb from our Earth.

The last War in Iraq alone is estimated to have cost $500 bn, this only deepening the world economic crisis. The Organisation of Military Leaders being proposed here could ensure economic stability at lower cost, to say nothing of the saving in lives and suffering. Equally, as it is clear that the world's problems cannot be solved unilaterally by the United States, the organisation in question needs to be agreed upon right now.

I am Swiss and Polish. The Swiss know well how to assess the absolute value that is peace. In turn, Polish scientist Marie Curie-Skłodowska would never have revealed her discoveries, had she known that they would ultimately serve humanity's self-destruction.

Our target is the joy of life. The diversity of nations, ways of thinking, cultures and languages are the riches of humanity, therefore we need to protect all national identities; and maintaining stability and peace all over the world is the priority and global aim for us.

I therefore appeal to World Leaders and Heads of State to give swift consideration to these ideas, so that a first Congress can be convened in the nearest future, with the aim of establishing a new International Organisation that guarantees world peace, within which NATO will form an integral part. NATO, as constituted at present, divides, while the organisation I am proposing will unify the whole world.

A feature that unites all human beings is a desire to invest in the lives of the new generation. The time has clearly also arrived for us to create a new International Organisation of Military Leaders to guarantee world peace. For the first time in the story of humankind, we will be using the military to prevent war, and thus be ascending to a higher plain of civilisation.

Please respond immediately in order to agree a date for a first Congress.
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